Rust Stain Removal

Rust stains from patio furniture, battery acid or fertilizers can ruin an otherwise perfect looking home. Rust Stains are one of those stains that are just about impossible to remove without causing damage to the underlying surface. Unless you have the correct cleaning agents that actually work on the surface that you are cleaning. You can try some products that are sold in the big box stores, but what they are designed for, may not be what is causing your stains.

As an authorized F9 BARC applicator, Lenny’s Power Washing has taken the time to learn how to safely remove rust stains from all sorts of surfaces from concrete to glass. Many people attempt to use Muriatic Acid to remove these stains but what really happens is the surface is removed. Not only does Muriatic Acid dissolves concrete, it is also a very dangerous chemical to use for you and the environment. Sometimes, the acid actually makes the stain look worse than it did before. This is because Muriatic Acid does not clean it dissolves.

When you have metal furniture, handrails, BBQs and sculptures that sit on concrete surfaces they will eventually cause rust stains on the concrete that are very difficult to remove. Professional strength rust removal agents are not the same as the “professional strength” rust removal cleaners that you find at your local hardware stores. These products are only sold to trained exterior cleaning specialists such as Lenny’s Power Washing.

Concrete Rust Stain RemovalFertilizer is another major item that causes rust stains on concrete. These are more difficult to remove than your normal iron rust stains due to the nature of the compounds causing the stains. Once again, the strength of the cleaning solution required to effectively remove these fertilizer rust stains is not available to home owners. Rust stains from irrigation systems are easier to remove but they can be also located on the vertical surfaces of your home. Lenny’s Power Washing knows what to do about these stains.

The rust stain that is actually not a rust stain at all is the battery acid rust stain. Although it may look like a rust stain, it is actually a stain caused by battery acid. You see this most often around areas where golf carts are charged and refilled. These stains build up over time, and as such, they are the hardest of all the rust stains to remove.

Instead of wasting your time and money on testing out all those hardware store brands that say they are “professional strength”, just call on Lenny’s Power Washing and let us worry about getting that rust stain out without damaging the underlying surface.